Auto Towing in Florida

Florida Tow Services

What impacts the cost of a tow service are the age and reputation of the towing companies. The auto towing service industry has recently undergone some serious negative publicity from the major car manufacturers and a byproduct of the sub-prime crisis. When a tow truck is used to help get a stranded vehicle out of a ditch or other dangerous situation there are often unpleasant scenes. Many people call in their auto towing service to come to their rescue but if the tow truck operator does not have a good reputation or a reliable reputation on the tow company will not get paid for its services.

Types of Towing Services

There are many different types of towing services but the most popular is towing with a roadside assistance provider. These companies provide all the towing services that are required by law including the use of a vehicle towing system and the payment of the towing company if the tow is completed. It is important to note that this does not include any type of coverage for damage or theft of your automobile. This is provided by the insurance agent when you have purchased additional coverage through your auto insurance policy.

Choosing Your Tow Truck

When choosing a towing company for your stranded vehicle, it is wise to choose one that has experience with your specific make and model of automobile. Any good towing company should have no problem providing information about the towing services they offer and the rates for those special tow trucks. It is important to find a reliable towing company that is covered under your insurance policy and offers the special deals and warranties that are offered with comprehensive policies.